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Mar 18, 2013 1:00pm PDT
with your 401(k)? well, over the weekend, european policymakers agreed to bail them out by imposing a tax on the savings accounts of people who live there. that's right. they're actually taking the bailout money directly from people's bank accounts. of course, that sent folks running to their atms to withdraw their money, sparking a panic. now there's concern the same thing will happen in other parts of europe. and even though wall street is hanging tough, could the cyprus crisis impact us down the line? tom foreman has a fancy show-and-tell to help break it all down for us. tom, thanks for joining us. i understand why cypriots are worried, but why should americans be? >> because this can rattle your wallet. >> really? >> look at this over here. i start with the rhetorical question. what do shreveport, louisiana, knoxville, tennessee, have in common? they have bigger economies than cyprus. it has over a million people. gdp of about 24 billion. but this place is in big trouble right now, because of the issue of debt. what they have is a massive debt. they're spending more than they have, s
Mar 20, 2013 1:00pm PDT
the budget over the next ten years. >> but no tax increases. >> no tax increases. the president already got $650 billion worth of tax increases january 1st. he got a trillion dollars worth of tax increases in obama care. this year the federal government will bring in more revenue than any year in our history and yet we're still going to have a trillion dollars budget deficit. spending is the problem. >> the white house says in response, yes, it's true. taxes went up more than $600 billion over ten years at the end of the year but it is also true the white house put $1.5 trillion worth of spending cuts in their budget. the truth is you're both right. i mean, they have offered spending cuts. the taxes did go up. it still hasn't made enough of a dent. you still have to sit down and do something. >> right. i think we're doing our budget this year. actually we're doing it this week here in the house. our budget will balance in ten years. we're going to pass our budget. hopefully the senate will pass their budget. except their budget never comes to balance. the president's budget never comes to b
Mar 22, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to sell it and to really regulate it. so basically taxed and regulated the industry. this is much more different than even what is the case in places like amsterdam where everybody thinks it's sort of, you everywhere. this is even more expansive than that. this is two states but people that are believers in the industry really think that this opens the pathway for legalization, you know, in many more states down the road and the opening of a huge industry. >> lee, your article also mentions this network that links up marijuana startups with investors but you write that this is not just a bunch of pot heads sitting around sharing ideas. who are these people? >> no. that's what's most interesting. that's what shows you that this is really an industry that people have high hopes on. this is a -- this company basically brings entrepreneurs into a room with potential investors and lets them kind of give their elevator pitch and the entrepreneurs can meet with the investors and do deals of whatever kind they want. the kinds of investors coming to these meetings are basically, you know, peopl
Mar 25, 2013 1:00pm PDT
, whether it's taxes, whether it's marriage, whether it's child custody, say gay people get one set of benefits and straight people get another? can gay people get less? those are really the questions in both cases, and the court has never really answered that question clearly. and we should know a lot more tomorrow. >> and in terms of court watching, we know that there are generally four -- traditionally four liberal justices we assume will support same-sex justices, three or four conservative justices who will probably oppose it. does this, like so many other cases before it, come down to justice kennedy? >> anthony kennedy is the most powerful judge and maybe the most powerful person in america because of the split you talk about. one reason why supporters of same-sex marriage are optimistic about his vote is that, even though kennedy usually sides with the conservatives, gay rights has been a subject where he has sided freeblquently withe liberals, the author of the two most important gay rights decisions at the supreme court. so there's a lot of optimism among gay rights suppor
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4